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A Complete, Trusted Identity Platform

  • by Jerry Aubel, Chris Williams

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From authentication to governance, SecurID has everything you need

More and more applications and databases are moving to the cloud, erasing the traditional IT perimeter. With the dramatic rise in remote work, people are logging in from more places, on more devices, than ever before. In a dynamic access environment encompassing both on-premise and cloud interfaces, it can be difficult—and expensive—for administrators to manage user and identities. 

For most organizations, it was challenging enough to secure the remote workforce. Now add to that the need to incorporate changing compliance requirements, and the urgency is clear: organizations must streamline how they secure identities, prioritize risks and maintain compliance. To meet the challenge, you need a robust identity platform that provides secure, flexible and frictionless user access while also supporting the ability to securely manage both authentication and governance.


The evolution of identity assurance

Not too long ago, access management, authentication and governance were seen as separate disciplines within identity security. Identity and access management seeks to give the right level of access to the right people, with the right context, at the right time. Authentication verifies a user’s identity. Governance establishes and maintains identity requirements in line with compliance mandates, business objectives and overall risk landscape.

At SecurID, we understand not just that these disciplines are interrelated, but that they work best when approached as a whole. It’s important to know who has access to what, whether they are who they say they are, and what they can do with their access. If you could identify, assess and enforce all identity issues for each person or account, in one place—and if all your authentication and governance systems could share identity information under a common set of rules—you could better protect users, data and customers while ensuring compliance.

SecurID offers authentication and governance in one solution

The SecurID Suite is made up of two solutions that work together to address the challenges of delivering secure, convenient access to dynamic user populations across complex IT environments. It combines advanced, risk-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) with identity governance and lifecycle management, to confirm users’ identities and give them seamless access to the right resources:

  • Authentication. SecurID authentication solutions offer centralized management of modern authentication methods including MFA, SSO, passwordless authentication, risk-based authentication and one-time password authentication, for users, applications and agents on premises and in the cloud. SecurID verifies authentication requests and centrally administers end-user authentication.
  • Governance. SecurID Governance & Lifecycle simplifies access management and governance across the enterprise with a clear, automated interface for managing and provisioning user access. Improved visibility helps to uncover access anomalies and policy violations, and advanced analytics helps prioritize action items. You can further optimize identity governance and lifecycle management with these SecurID features:
    • Configurable policies, rules and workflows that respond quickly to business needs
    • Customizable dashboards that quickly surface meaningful information
    • A rich library of configurable reports, dashboards and guides ready to download from the RSA Link online user community
    • A Quickstart on-premises program plus identity governance and lifecycle cloud solutions


What about zero trust?

Zero trust is more a way of thinking about access than a specific security technology. The most important idea behind zero trust is that it’s never wise to assume trust before granting access, even inside the network perimeter. For example, if you’re using zero trust to authenticate and control identities, then even if user A is authenticated for resource B, they’ll still need to verify that they can use application C. Zero trust can ultimately keep an intruder from moving laterally across your network; preventing that movement will limit further exploits, contain any damage and speed recovery.

Making zero trust a reality requires the right identity and access management tools, such as the wide range of MFA methods combined with governance-based access control—all available in the SecurID Suite.

Authentication and governance for all

SecurID combines the widest possible array of flexible MFA options with dynamic, risk-driven access policies—letting users quickly and securely connect to any resource, from any device, while keeping employees happy, information secure and the organization compliant.