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Certifications, Audits and Compliance Made Easy

  • by Jerry Aubel

Certifications, Audits and Compliance Made Easy

Audit time and the living is easy! I suspect the thought of the next access review audit doesn’t have you whistling down the hall, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. In my last blog, I discussed the Joiner-Mover-Leaver process functionality in SecurID Governance and Lifecycle. Today, we’ll dive into the solution’s access certification functionality, and how SecurID can easily deliver more successful audit outcomes, reduce identity risk, and help ensure that your organization complies with an ever-growing set of regulations.

In its purest sense, access certification validates all kinds of access rights for all identities throughout the organization and across systems, data and IT resources. These certifications could review everything from developers’ database access to third-partner partners’ access to remote systems. Many regulations demand that this knowledge be re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure that only the right people have the right access for the right reason – nothing more, nothing less.

SecurID Governance and Lifecycle (G&L) can make the process fast, repeatable, and error-free – all with a configuration-based model that’s easy to get set up with clicks, not code. We’ve made the solution easy to use and reduced friction, ensuring that employees and managers will use it properly.

The G&L solution can schedule access certifications by review definition type, such as roles, groups, accounts, data resource access and ownership, and more. One example of an access certification use case for SecurID G&L is a multi-step review: users can first complete self-reviews, then their managers can review the results and make appropriate decisions to revoke or maintain access to apps and resources, sharing the workload and improving accuracy.

Improving, simplifying, and accelerating access reviews

Review fatigue is one of the most common causes of audit failure: after seeing too many reviews, managers can end up rubber-stamping access to complete the process quickly and get on with their day job. SecurID G&L makes the process easy, more focused and faster by providing analysis and guidance throughout the process, prioritizing high-risk review items to reduce the burden on the reviewer. The solution simplifies the process by allowing users to prioritize or identify never reviewed, uncommon and common access, recently approved items, or unchanged items, making your reviews more business-driven and targeted. 

What does all this mean? At the end of an access certification, you’ll have the evidence necessary for a successful compliance audit that leverages identity analytics and the information you need to make better decisions in the new world of remote work. SecurID G&L delivers a broad range of out-of-the-box reports that map to the major compliance frameworks, including GDPR, FISMA, FIPS, SOX, PCS DSS, and more, as well as a rich set of reporting templates, dashboards and charts, making it easy to document results.

It can take months for organizations of any size to complete access certifications – but with SecurID G&L, those same businesses can complete their reviews in less than a day and gain real insights into users’ behavior. The solution shows who did what across reviews, displays change activity, and delivers the history of changes since the last audit.

So whistle all you want while you skip down the hallway, away from manual, cumbersome processes, and towards audit and compliance nirvana with SecurID Governance and Lifecycle. To help understand how well you are managing your identity risk, try our IAM Risk Intelligence calculator.