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2020 Vision: Driving the Future of Identity

  • by James Ducharme

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“In three miles you will arrive at your destination.” Often the term digital transformation implies an end point, but in reality, it’s not as simple as getting from point A to point B. Navigating a digital transformation journey is a continuous process for organizations – one that comes with unprecedented identity risks, threats and challenges.

Identity continues to be the most consequential attack vectors for enterprises, but it is also an opportunity to improve productivity by creating a frictionless user experience with strengthened identity assurance to protect critical data and assets. This year, we are excited to drive further innovation in the RSA SecurID® Suite to help our customers strike a balance between digital transformation and security as we work toward a passwordless future. Here’s how we plan to help customers drive their future of identity and access management in 2020:

Accelerating a Passwordless Future

Today, we are closer than ever to achieving a passwordless future. With continued support for the FIDO standard and providing best practices for FIDO deployment in the enterprise, RSA is reimagining authentication and paving the way towards a future without passwords. Shifting the industry to the next-generation identity assurance, we have embraced “Bring Your Own Authenticator,” offering our customers a spectrum of unparalleled choice to ensure users are who they claim to be. Additionally, through strategic partnerships including the recently announced joint venture with Yubico, RSA is giving customers the choice and simplicity needed to address the risks associated with the dynamic workforce. RSA SecurID® Access continues to offer the broadest range of authentication methods including push notification, one-time password, SMS and biometrics to enable support for diverse user populations and use cases.

Securing the Passwordless Future

Our goal is not only to have a broad spectrum of passwordless authentication methods and experiences for customers, but also to look at the secure processes that surround authentication. RSA is focused on examining and evolving critical dimensions of identity risks including: How can organizations securely distribute authenticators? How do users securely enroll? How do users prove they are who they say they are? And, what happens when users lose credentials? How can users securely recover? RSA is also helping customers empower end users by offering solutions for self-service management and recovery of authenticators to help reduce the burden on IT support desks and the costs associated with password resets.

Evolving Identity Assurance and Confidence

The digital world has created an increasingly diverse and dynamic workforce, which is driving dramatic change in how users need to authenticate. From the growing gig economy to third-party contractors, remote employees and more, organizations need authentication solutions that allow users to authenticate in multiple ways. It’s also critical for the industry to evolve identity assurance and confidence policies revisiting conditional access as attackers continue to find holes in policies making it easy to spoof access. In much the same way that the financial fraud industry has leveraged AI and machine learning to reduce friction for consumers, the risk-based engine behind RSA SecurID® Access helps give organizations higher confidence evolving beyond static controls to ensure users are who they say they are. Modern authentication is a journey that will require evolving beyond static or policy-based authentication to dynamic identity scoring that leverages machine learning for business context, identity insights and threat intelligence to help organizations detect and prevent compromised identities with little to no friction for end users.

As customers continue to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, it’s important to understand the key role of identity. We are excited to work with our customers to not only help secure this journey but help them along the way to a passwordless future. While there’s no final destination, and transformation will be continuous, our 2020 vision is to continue innovating to drive the future of identity.

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