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Faster, Simpler, Safer: SecurID Accelerates and Improves Cloud Journeys

  • by Gary Wood

Man sitting at a table outdoors typing on a laptop

Better, faster, simpler, easier, and safer: over the last few months, the SecurID product team has released new capabilities that significantly enhance SecurID Authentication Services and have enabled customers to accelerate their cloud journeys.

Specifically, these innovations:

  • Allow security teams to manage all authentications—including requests made from SecurID 700 hardware tokens—directly from the cloud
  • Provide users with a simple, frictionless, and intuitive experience through the new SecurID app
  • Expand organizations’ abilities to secure their end-users with customizable customer identity and access management (CIAM)
  • Reduce help desks costs and total cost of ownership

In an always-online, work-from-anywhere world, these enhancements balance rigorous security and user convenience, helping organizations thrive in hybrid environments and ensuring that customers get what they need, when they need it.  

Manage all authenticators from the Cloud  

When we say that we authenticate access to any platform, from any platform, we really mean it: our new SecurID 700 hardware tokens can be managed through the SecurID cloud platform. Just mail end users a token and direct them to MyPage for the best-in-class end-user self-service enrollment, registration, and activation.

Through MyPage, end-users can perform self-service management such as resetting PINs, resyncing tokens and more. With password resets accounting for half of IT help desk costs—or more than $1 million at large organizations—these actions can help businesses recoup significant costs.

Note that this is a limited release focused specifically on Cloud-only deployments and requires the toggle feature to be enabled. If your organization is in the cloud—or if the next stage in your IAM journey includes moving to the cloud—then contact your SecurID Sales representative to learn more about how we can help.    

New SecurID App  

The SecurID App 3.0 delivers a next generation end-user experience for iOS and Android users: its simple, intuitive, and accessible design transforms nearly any smartphone into an easy-to-use authenticator. It’s also been designed to work for all users—the VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android provide built-in accessibility for visually impaired users. See more information about using the app here.

Broaden your authentication footprint with customizable mobile SDK   

The SecurID app is built on our mobile software development kit (SDK), a new resource that we’ll be releasing later this month. The SecurID SDK will allow customers to access any business’ applications with MFA that looks, feels, and works like the overall branded environment.

Providing CIAM allows businesses to give customers secure mobile experiences. For instance, SecurID banking customers can expand MFA authentication to enable on-line banking transactions, letting their customers bank anywhere safely.

Extend the power of modern authentication for MacOS and Windows users

The coronavirus caused remote work to nearly triple. In addition to sending employees home, it also scattered endpoints—like laptops and desktops—far from your IT teams help desk.

But managing a hybrid team’s devices is easier now with the latest of the SecurID MFA Agent, which allows organizations to manage SecurID 700 hardware tokens, Windows, and macOS requests via cloud authentication service. This update allows organizations to use one identity platform for all its users, even in use cases that require hardware authenticators. Whether you are online or offline, SecurID App and SecurID 700 hardware tokens has you covered. 

We’re a little more than halfway through 2021, and we’ve got even more improvements in store for the rest of the year. Make sure to see the SecurID Product Release Notes to learn more about these product updates to see the next wave of innovations as soon as they’re released.