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Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

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SecurID secures cloud access with IAM for business success

In today’s business environment, the cloud is nearly synonymous with innovation and collaboration. From supporting remote work and collaboration to lowering operational costs, the benefits are extensive, with rapid deployment, ultimate flexibility, low up-front costs and superior scalability further tipping the scales. A PwC survey found that more than half of executives see cloud as a “strategic platform for growth and innovation.” And of course, you’re far more likely to meet your cloud transformation goals if you have reliable, secure and consistent access to the resources stored there.

But securing organizational resources in the cloud is anything but easy. In a recent Flexera survey, 81% of respondents believe that “cloud security is a challenge.” And PwC reports that 54% of CISOs and CIOs hadn’t fully mitigated risks associated with cloud adoption—and at the same time, viewed the cloud as one of the fastest-growing threat vectors for their organizations. No surprise that the majority of corporate tech leaders are prioritizing cloud security investment over the next two years.

Why is cloud security such a challenge? The PwC report suggests the problem stems from “a failure to recognize that cloud adoption is a major change. Identity and access management (IAM) that worked well to guard your contained, centralized on-premises system, for example, most likely won’t protect the information and operations you place on the cloud because the two environments are so different.”

As more businesses move to the cloud, they’ll need ways to maximize its benefits while addressing potential security threats. Finding that balance is even more urgent for businesses in regulated industries, or those uploading personally identifiable information (PII).

How will you use IAM in the cloud?

We’ve worked with organizations negotiating these challenges in nearly every sector and region. Along the way, we’ve learned that—though nearly everyone wants to move to the cloud, as quickly as possible—there’s no one way to do so. Differing priorities, tech stacks, industry regulations, and varying degrees of users’ comfort in this new technology all affect how quickly—and successfully—a business can move to the cloud.

In fact, IAM in the cloud can mean several things, depending on your perspective:

  • Identity as a service, or IaaS: Identity as a service can be used to protect on-premise solutions as they’re moved to the cloud. An IAM solution hosted in the cloud and managed as a service provides common cloud benefits including scalability and easy updates. SecurID offers a hosted, configurable IaaS IAM solution for a fixed price per user per month.
  • IAM solutions in the cloud: Digital transformations often require moving some on-premise applications or systems to the cloud. SecurID makes it easy to protect identities and access in both locations. For the last 35 years, our scalable, robust capabilities have protected 50 million identities and counting. And in the last quarter alone, daily cloud authentications grew by 338% over the same period the previous year. Additionally, SecurID cloud authentication availability exceeded 99.99% worldwide in 2020, ensuring organizations everywhere can verify that users are who they say they are and can access whatever they need, wherever they’re working.
  • IAM for cloud applications: SecurID makes it easy for users to securely access the cloud-based applications they need to do their jobs—such as Office 365 and Salesforce—and for admins to offer each one the appropriate level of access, with visibility across all cloud deployments.

Accelerate your cloud journey

SecurID addresses the challenges of delivering secure, convenient access to dynamic user populations across complex IT environments with a single, trusted, enterprise-grade platform for employee and customer identity access management (CIAM). SecurID helps you centrally manage and leverage the widest possible array of flexible MFA, SSO, passwordless authentication, risk-based authentication and one-time password authentication for users, applications, and resources, on premises and in the cloud. Combined with dynamic, risk-driven access policies, it lets users quickly and securely connect to any resource, from any device—while you keep employees happy, information secure and your organization compliant.

SecurID helps businesses meet current identity and access management needs while adapting to the future demands of dynamic cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments.