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The Great Resignation and the Growing Dangers of Poor Lifecycle Management

Poor lifecycle management—or the failure to closely manage access and permissions throughout a user’s tenure with an organization—can result in ungoverned accounts remaining in the user base. Lack of visibility into these accounts leads to dangerous vulnerabilities. And the Great Resignation is only making the risks even worse.

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The New Technology Powering Europe’s COVID Certificates

In just a few months, millions of people began using verifiable credentials and distributed identity as part of the European Union’s Digital COVID Certificate. But despite their rapid uptake, many identity experts are new to these new technologies. Read Ingo Schubert’s blog post recapping his KuppingerCole keynote to learn more.

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Remote Work

Support and Secure Hybrid Work with Identity Governance

Join Hector Monsegur, Corporate Pen-Tester and Expert Security Researcher, Alacrinet, and Christopher Williams, SecurID Solutions Architect & Field CTO on Thursday, July 22 at 1 PM eastern for a webinar discussion on how organizations can use identity governance to maintain workers’ productivity and ensure organizational security.

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Connect with SecurID at Identiverse

At Identiverse, SecurID will share some of the trends that have shaped the evolution of identity and discuss the ways that access management, authentication and governance have changed over the last year. Preview our session and see some of the trends shaping identity’s future.

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How Zero Trust Identity Strategies Can Prevent Hacks

The online world runs on trust. But recent hacks—including the SolarWinds hack and the Nobelium exploit of U.S. AID—demonstrate that trust can be a major liability. Zero trust identity strategies can help prevent hacks and protect users, businesses, and sensitive information.

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RSA blog post

Identity – the Bedrock for All Security

Identity is the control plane for connecting users and data securely. But getting identity ‘right’ is harder than ever. Join SecurID’s webinar on April 15, 2021 to hear from identity experts and learn how identity can enhance your operation’s security and resilience.

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Register for the RSA Evolution of Identity Summit

Register for the Dec 8 RSA Evolution of Identity Summit

The RSA Evolution of Identity Summit will convene thought leaders from across the sector to discuss challenges around cloud and remote workforce security, trends such as Zero Trust, passwordless authentication, and the future of identity and access management.

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