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Securing the Digital World

Managing Identity and Access Risks Starts Here

  • by Jerry Aubel

Visualization of assessing identity and access risks

As identity takes its place in the center of the security universe, IT leaders are seeking to achieve excellence in IAM, system security and regulatory compliance. In order to manage identity and access risk, you first need to measure and understand it.

To help IT leaders do just that, we’re introducing the Identity and Access Management Risk Intelligence Index, a new interactive calculator designed to help you measure the maturity and effectiveness of your current identity and compliance risk management processes. This new calculator can help you to:

  • Evolve security and risk management to support identity-based digital transformation
  • Understand and appropriately respond to identity threats across your organization
  • Help maintain a sustainable compliance posture in an increasingly complex regulatory ecosystem and account for an interconnected, global economy

By considering several factors, including your compliance needs, the geographic distribution of your organization, as well as its complexity, size, IT infrastructure, and your remote workforce, the Index can help evaluate your overall challenges in implementing a broad identity risk management program. Then, the Index rates the foundation of your identity, access and compliance posture with a series of questions about your risk appetite, budget, and visibility into access controls, access privileges, third-party risk, use of IT assets, and more.

The IAM Risk Intelligence Index will use this information to provide you with a score that measures your current identity and access risk management practices. The results are divided into 4 quadrants: Siloed, Managed (locally adopted), Managed (broadly adopted), and Optimized. In addition, the Index provides scores on risk domains, including operational risk, IT security risk, third-party governance and audit. Organizations can use these two scores to baseline where they are today, set long-term goals and prioritize high-value changes to improve their IAM posture.  

Think you’re doing enough to manage your identity and access risk today? Take a few minutes to take stock of your organization’s risk management practices in this increasingly critical area with the RSA Identity and Access Management Risk Intelligence Index.