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Navigate Your Path to Governing Access and Managing Risk

  • by Jerry Aubel

Man sits at a table looking at his laptop and holding his mobile phone

Sometimes, in business and in life, fast action is necessary. Helping your business adapt for the changes brought on by the global health crisis is certainly one of those times.

As such, a lot of change has occurred, and it’s likely that more is ahead.

In this period when organizations are reflecting upon what operations were modified and what needs to be done in the future to thrive, it’s time to talk governance. Security leaders need to assess who exactly has access to what resources, how they got that access and what they can do with that access. Those nagging thoughts of uncertainty are unacceptable as the specter of audit and regulatory compliance are looming.

To help your organization on its path towards governing access and managing the risk of a distributed and dynamic workforce, RSA has illustrated the steps in a new infographic.

Below, preview the critical elements of an effective access governance solution that will provide the visibility, control, automation and ROI you need. In turn, you can deliver the necessary insight to make identifying identity and access risk easier, not harder.