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Now in General Availability: SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud

  • by Jerry Aubel

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From pursuing a zero trust strategy to securing a hybrid workforce, today’s most urgent digital challenges share a common thread: the need for identity governance and administration (IGA) that delivers continuous risk-based access assurance. When organizations have strong IGA capabilities in place, they are empowered to know with certainty who has access to which resources, whether that access is appropriate and what degree of risk it poses, even in a highly dynamic, constantly changing access environment. 

Now, complete IGA capabilities can be delivered from the cloud, with the general availability of SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud—the cloud version of the SecurID solution that has been providing on-premises IGA to Fortune 100 and global enterprise customers since 2006.

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud has all the capabilities of its on-premises counterpart, including full visibility into access, automated capabilities for provisioning and de-provisioning access, and extensive compliance monitoring and reporting. User self-service and service desk integration streamline operations to keep the focus on managing identity and access risk.

Managed services reduce administrative burdens, keeping teams focused on core identity and access management instead of infrastructure management. SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud’s managed services include monitoring, upgrades, maintenance and patches; monitoring of reviews and collections; reporting and dashboards; and resolution of stalled processes. A dedicated SecurID customer success manager serves every account.

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud provides a smooth path to IGA in the cloud both for current customers and for organizations moving away from manual processes toward an automated IGA approach. Current customers can seamlessly extend existing SecurID capabilities to the cloud, while new customers will be able to supplant slow, error-prone manual processes with a full set of fast, accurate and automated capabilities and insights. SecurID Governance & Lifecycle is also easily customizable to address specific IGA needs and concerns for organizations across a broad range of types and sizes, scaling to hundreds of thousands of users.

Get more details about SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud in this data sheet.