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Passwordless Authentication: Easy To Use and Easy To Manage

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

Visualization of passwordless authentication

In a recent blog post, we took a look back at the relationship between SecurID and the FIDO Alliance, from when it all started in 2014 to the latest FIDO2-based capabilities SecurID offers for passwordless authentication. We shared a short video demonstrating how easy it is to use, and answered some questions from organizations considering the SecurID FIDO2-based solution.

And now that we’ve shared how easy it makes passwordless authentication for users, it seems fitting to follow up from an operations perspective, and show you some of the ways SecurID makes life easy for admins.

Flexible choices for security keys and MFA methods

SecurID passwordless authentication offers organizations a lot of choice, both in the security keys they wish to support and the SecurID multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods they want to offer. The FIDO2-based solution has been officially qualified for use with YubiKey, Feitian and AuthenTrend FIDO2-compliant fingerprint-enabled keys—and it works with other FIDO2-certified authenticators, too, when it comes to the “something you have” aspect of authentication. By the same token (pardon the pun), if your organization deems it appropriate, you can configure the SecurID MFA agent to strictly enforce the use of FIDO2 devices when logging into Windows machines. 

Finally, while the SecurID MFA biometrics capability is front and center in the passwordless-into-Windows use case, you can also combine FIDO2 keys with SecurID risk-based authentication as well.

Consolidated token management, whether on-premises or in the cloud

With SecurID passwordless authentication, all authentication options—whether FIDO2-based tokens, other SecurID hard tokens or SecurID soft tokens—can be managed through the same console, using the same self-service portal. That applies both to traditional on-premises deployments and to deployments of SecurID as a managed service in the cloud.

On deck: FIDO2-based passwordless authentication with the SecurID App

While SecurID passwordless authentication with FIDO2-based technology offers a variety of features for ease of use that both users and admins can appreciate, you’ll be glad to know there’s even more on the way. 

Next up we have FIDO2-based capabilities that work with the newest version of the SecurID App, coming soon to a mobile device near you. Stay tuned for additional information—or learn more about passwordless authentication with SecurID.