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Hand holding a SecurID Token

Managing Hardware Authentication Tokens in the Cloud

As easy as soft tokens are to use, sometimes hardware tokens are the best way for security-sensitive organizations to authenticate users. Learn what factors businesses should consider when deciding between hardware and software and the ways that admins can configure, assign and manage SecurID hard tokens from the cloud.

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Securing Your Growing Hybrid Workforce

For week 4 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re focusing on putting cybersecurity first—a priority that’s more urgent than ever in the new hybrid workplace. To protect your business and your hybrid workforce, you need to address multiple access management challenges. Learn why SecurID is the identity management platform that empowers your hybrid workforce—without compromising security or convenience.

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Now in General Availability: SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud delivers full-featured, high-performance IGA in a convenient managed-services offering. Whether seamlessly extending an on-premises SecurID deployment or replacing a manual approach, it provides continuous risk-based access assurance to help pursue a zero trust strategy, secure a hybrid workforce and more.

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SecurID: More Ways for More People to Go Passwordless

Today’s users need secure, convenient authentication all the time, everywhere. SecurID is there for them with passwordless capabilities that make it easy to authenticate quickly and easily, for access to applications in the cloud, into secure Windows environments, for secure VPN and VDI access—and even when they’re offline.

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SecurID and FIDO Passwordless Authentication: Getting Better All the Time

SecurID and the FIDO Alliance have worked together for years to promote passwordless authentication, with SecurID giving users convenient FIDO-based ways to log into applications (on-premises and cloud) and desktop environments securely. Learn more about authenticating with SecurID and FIDO, including answers to common questions about deploying and managing SecurID FIDO-based authentication.

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