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Register for the Dec 8 RSA Evolution of Identity Summit

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

Register for the RSA Evolution of Identity Summit

The way we work has changed. Pre-pandemic, roughly 5% of full-time U.S. employees worked from home; today, 42% are logging on full-time, and many of them may never work in the office again. As organizations across the globe continue to adapt to workforce disruptions, today’s largely remote workforce will have a lasting effect on enterprise culture. Even when offices open post-pandemic, remote workers will continue to be a significant portion of the workforce due to realized benefits, such as greater workforce flexibility, higher productivity, and lower operational costs. At the same time, this new paradigm creates more vectors for cyber attackers to access critical applications and sensitive information, making identity one of the most critical security risks and an increasingly complex management challenge.

Identity is the most consequential attack vector to the modern enterprise. To ensure the right level of security, every organization needs to start with identity and be able to answer these questions:

  • Are you who you say you are?
  • Do you have the right level of access?
  • Can I prove it?

With today’s drivers of adoption for cloud, mobile and bring-your-own-device, organizations need to provide easy, convenient and secure access so users can get their jobs done, regardless of where the application or data is located. And, given emerging regulations and the need to protect internal security, ensuring adequate identity governance should be every organization’s starting point to stay on the right side of compliance.

From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 8th, cybersecurity experts from across the sector will join the RSA Evolution of Identity Summit 2020 to discuss challenges around cloud and remote workforce security, trends such as zero trust, passwordless authentication, and the future of identity and access management. The insights, shared by both thought leaders and practitioners, will help you plot a modern Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy that helps your organization adapt to today’s business environment.

Key topics that will be covered at the summit include:

  • The Evolution of Identity
  • Zero Trust Architecture – Identity and Beyond
  • Delivering a Passwordless Future – Expert Panel
  • Protecting Against Insider Threats with a Remote Workforce
  • Identity Threats for a Cloud-based Remote Workforce
  • The Future of Identity Security and Cloud

Register for the summit to learn more from industry leaders about these new challenges, prepare for the next disruption, and maintain business continuity.