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SecurID, an RSA business

  • by Kelly Fiedler

SecurID Logo

Raising the Bar – A New Chapter, A New Brand Identity

In September 2020, RSA began independent operations as one of the world’s largest pure-play cybersecurity and risk management organizations.

It was an important milestone in RSA’s history – but by no means the last one.

Since then, RSA has retrenched and realigned its four product lines, establishing each as its own unique business. Today, we are excited to announce what this reconfiguration means for SecurID, our identity and access management (IAM) business, and most importantly, for our valued customers and partners.

For over 35 years, SecurID has provided market-leading identity solutions to the world’s most security-sensitive organizations. We have a tremendous history of being at the forefront of security, providing the technology that businesses need.

Today, as digital transformation leads to unprecedented challenges related to authentication, access management and identity governance, our pedigree is more important than ever. As such, we are excited to get back to our roots and focus solely on advancing our identity offering and meeting the unique needs of our identity buyers.

We’re thrilled to begin operating, innovating, and leading as SecurID.

Today a new chapter begins

SecurID’s mission is to empower organizations to thrive in a digital world through end-to-end identity and access assurance.  We recognize that identity and access management is a journey and that our customers find themselves at different stages along that journey – yet all organizations have an inherent desire to drive better IAM practices in order to ensure continuity, promote collaboration, and secure critical assets. We’re here to help do just that, no matter what stage you are at, and no matter where you want to go.

To complement our mission, SecurID’s vision is to be the most trusted cloud-based identity platform by enabling secure, compliant, and seamless access for any actor, from anywhere to anything. Today we protect more than 50 million identities and millions of users around the world. And we have the technology customers need to scale to authenticate and manage any number of users, for any platforms, anywhere and in any environment. We look forward to continuing to help our customers grow and protect what matters most.

As SecurID begins this new chapter, the most immediate change will be to our brand identity. It comprises both how we talk about our technology and how we visually represent ourselves. Today we are publicly unveiling our new website,, which showcases our modern approach to today’s identity challenges. details our complete, end-to-end IAM offerings, including how to implement a Zero Trust strategy, how to get everything you need for IAM in the cloud, and how to securely enable a hybrid workforce. It also identifies our capabilities, such as multi-factor authentication, passwordless authentication, robust governance and lifecycle, and provides the opportunity to viewand try our products.

Our new visual identity is a thoughtful combination of simplistic icons, images, and font as well as a lighter color palette. The cloud in the icon is a nod to our cloud-first software focus, and the blue symbolizes the trust our customers have instilled in us. Together, the use of these elements conveys the clarity of our mission. This new identity also captures the strength, innovation, and resilience that are part of our heritage and key qualities that will help us continue to provide the right solutions for whatever challenges lie ahead.

We are excited about our next chapter – and we are committed to helping our customers secure what matters most. To all our current and future customers, thank you for trusting SecurID with all your identity needs – we look forward to continuing to partner with you, no matter where your IAM journey takes you next.