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SecurID Governance and Lifecycle: Delivered from the Cloud

  • by Jerry Aubel

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Remember about 15 months ago when we still accessed networks, resources, and apps directly from the corporate network?

For many of us, that ended with the onset of the pandemic: today, the bulk of these requests are made remotely.

As businesses work through this change and shift to a permanent hybrid / work-from-anywhere dynamic, strong access governance becomes increasingly important to maintain control, accountability, and compliance. Whether you’re managing new employees or working with staff who have switched roles internally, it’s becoming increasingly important for security teams to maintain visibility and control throughout the joiner-mover-leaver process and limit users’ ability to the bare minimum degree of access they need to do their job.

Simply put, you need to know who has access to what, how they got access, and why they need access.

Since 2006, SecurID Governance and Lifecycle (G&L) has provided Fortune 100 and global enterprise customers with the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) capabilities needed to gain visibility, insights, and control over access to all applications, systems, and data. SecurID G&L Cloud will offer our full-featured, high-performing solution and market-leading capabilities delivered from the cloud, ensuring that the world’s most security-sensitive organizations can work dynamically, accelerate innovation, and advance zero trust security. It’s a simpler, easier, and better way to answer who, what, how, and why.


SecurID G&L Cloud provides day-to-day operational and management support of the Cloud hosted solution, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business. Our team of experts lets you work smarter by taking responsibility of management tasks of the G&L solution, such as:

  • Monitoring, upgrades, maintenance, and patches
  • Monitoring of access reviews and collections
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Virus scans performance testing, penetration testing
  • Resolution of stalled workflows and processes
  • Customer success manager, 24/7 Support, Education subscription, and more.

With SecurID G&L Cloud, customers avoid the cost and time of building out their own IT infrastructure to support IGA and save on operational costs through our managed solution. Whether you are new to SecurID Governance and Lifecycle or are considering migrating an on-premise implementation to the cloud, we can help accelerate your digital transformation and deliver a flexible and scalable IGA solution to your business.

To learn more about SecurID Governance and Lifecycle, visit here. To help understand how well you are managing your identity risk, try our IAM Risk Intelligence calculator.