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SecurID Innovations Help Organizations Protect and Optimize Workforces

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

Remote workforce optimization and protection

Workforces have become increasingly dynamic and remote, and managing the risk associated with the “new normal” has become increasingly important. The combination of standing up remote workers and accelerating digital transformation initiatives both underscore the need for workforce optimization. Today, more than ever, you need to protect and optimize your workforce.

To optimize and protect your workforce to thrive in today’s “new normal,” you should prioritize:

  1. Creating a faster path to digital with a secure and simple approach to the cloud
  2. Expanding protection while simplifying the admin and user experience
  3. Quickly enabling next-generation capabilities to address current and future risks

Moving to the cloud is a journey for organizations. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has many advantages, including ease of use, increasing agility and lowering total cost of ownership to name a few. But organizations cannot just flip the switch and move to the cloud altogether: many need a blend of on-premises and cloud applications and resources to operate.

SecurID is helping organizations take a hybrid approach to their identity and authentication strategy.  With a click of a button in SecurID, customers can simply and easily connect to the SecurID cloud service.  If the cloud service slows or becomes unavailable, then that’s no problem: SecurID’s on-premises component takes over authentication requests. This gives users a seamless experience with 24×7 authentication availability and protection, and administrators the confidence to accelerate cloud adoption with SecurID. Our solution combines the advantages of the cloud with the assurance of on-prem.

With the surge in remote workforces and the permanent shift to work from home resulting in a ‘new normal’ for many organizations, securing machine logins has become increasingly important. The new SecurID agents for RSA Microsoft Windows and macOS extend powerful, modern authentication to enhance endpoint protection. Furthermore, SecurID offers true “no fail-open” offline authentication for both Microsoft Windows and macOS laptop users who are not connected to a network. This ensures that users are fully authenticated to sign in when offline, improving user experience, security and productivity.

To combat future risks, organizations need an efficient way to integrate and deploy innovations as they roll out. But accessing those capabilities often requires cumbersome upgrade processes. The Direct Upgrade feature in SecurID, eliminates time-consuming, serial upgrades from older versions. With these in-place upgrades, administrators can enjoy the latest benefits while saving time and costs.

SecurID is continuing to drive innovations that secure and optimize dynamic workforces. The unrivaled hybrid approach not only simplifies the journey to the cloud for on-premises customers but also ensures that modern authentication methods protect both cloud and on-premises resources.


Watch how SecurID provides modern authentication methods for macOS users!