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SecurID: More Ways for More People to Go Passwordless

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

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Since SecurID first introduced passwordless authentication for cloud and SaaS applications in 2017, digital transformation has dramatically increased the demand for passwordless solutions. Users today need to authenticate in more operating environments and circumstances than ever—and the desire for convenient passwordless capabilities everywhere, all the time, continues to grow.

SecurID stays one step ahead of these trends by constantly expanding where and how people can use passwordless options to authenticate conveniently for secure access to a variety of resources. SecurID passwordless authentication started with web and SaaS applications; here’s where it’s gone since then—and where it’s headed next.

Passwordless authentication into Windows environments

SecurID recently extended passwordless authentication to Windows operating environments, making it more convenient than ever to quickly sign in to a Windows laptop or desktop without using a password. The capability provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to workstation logins that leverage FIDO2 as a hardware authenticator. Initial setup is fast and easy, and once that’s done, securely authenticating into the Windows environment is quicker and more convenient than ever, as this video demonstrates. Meanwhile, SecurID is constantly developing the same capabilities for other platforms.

Moving through the virtual world: VPN and VDI passwordless access

SecurID passwordless authentication works in a virtual private network (VPN) and in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, enabling today’s remote workforce—and tomorrow’s hybrid workforce—to quickly and securely sign in and start working anytime, anywhere. Through tested, certified integrations with leading virtual work environments, SecurID provides quick, reliable passwordless access without complex, time-consuming setup processes.

No need for a password—or even an internet connection

As the name suggests, you don’t need a password to authenticate using SecurID passwordless capabilities. But it’s the ability to authenticate even without an internet connection that really sets SecurID apart. Because today’s users are as likely as not to have a secure connection—whether it’s because they’re on a plane with unreliable Wi-Fi or at a remote location with no network connection at all—SecurID has developed a no-fail capability. This enables passwordless authentication in any situation. So even when connectivity is a problem, security won’t be.

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