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Simple, Intuitive, Accessible: Introducing the New SecurID App

  • by Kenn Min Chong

Person using mobile authentication app

One of IT’s main roles is to connect people and information. Making those connections securely and reliably so that employees can do their work has never been easy—but in the past, CTOs could at least prioritize offices as the places where people and data intersected.

Today, it is not so simple. The coronavirus pandemic caused remote work to nearly triple and all but destroyed the traditional network perimeter. Every home office has become a branch office of one, with nearly every employee working on the edge of IT’s control. Staff can no longer rely on a centralized IT administration to secure access to company resources.

And that is not changing, with vaccination rates varying from state to state and country to country, and with corporate leaders making changes to how they plan and pay for office space. A January survey from PwC found that 87% of executives expected to change their real estate strategy and that 60% expected to consolidate office space. Freelance marketing firm Upwork found that, by 2025, the number of remote workers is expected to double compared to pre-pandemic rates.

That is why today’s launch of the all new SecurID app for iOS and Android is so important for users. It is built to support and secure the hybrid workforce. With more employees logging on more often than ever before, and with nearly 50 percent of IT help desk costs associated with password resets, the new SecurID app is simple, intuitive, and accessible, and provides major advantages for businesses and their employees:

SecurID app

Keep it simple

Every element of the SecurID app User Interface (UI) is designed for whatever device your employees are using to log in. The all-new card-style interface displays everything a user needs: the current One Time Passcode (OTP), the actions needed to manage a token, and where users can find more information.

Smart design for smartphones

The best way to authenticate users securely is to make the process convenient for them. By reducing friction, users are more likely to use the service. The SecurID mobile interface works as seamlessly as any other app: to manage the token card, tap the “3-dotted” button at the top of the card. To pin the most-used token, just grab it and drag it to the top. If you can use a smartphone, then you can authenticate securely.

For iOS, the app also supports the Universal Clipboard feature, allowing users to copy the OTP from the app and paste it in any nearby iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device that is logged in to the same Apple ID account. Ultimately, this makes it easier for iOS users to authenticate themselves across their devices, securing more endpoints seamlessly.

Accessibility for everyone

The strength of every organization’s security posture depends on ensuring that the security infrastructure works for all employees. The SecurID app is accessible to all: with the VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android built-in accessibility features, every important UI element within the app can be read out to users simply, clearly, and easily. Combined with the simple and intuitive design, the app ensures that any employee can verify they are who they say they are, by themselves.

For employees and administrators

The SecurID app emphasizes simplicity for everyone—including admins. The new app is an update to the existing RSA SecurID Token app. It will not cause headaches for IT admins. If auto-updates are enabled on users’ smartphones, the app will update automatically. Users’ tokens will still be installed on the app after updating. No need to reimport tokens. Users will be able to perform the same actions with the new UI as they could with the old app. No retraining for admins and employees needed.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Later this summer, we will release a software development kit (SDK) that will allow businesses to use their existing apps as SecurID MFA authenticators. Users will then have a way to authenticate with convenient MFA options within the apps they are already familiar with. We have even built the SecurID app using the SDK to prove how capable it really is.

In an increasingly mobile, B2B2C world, customer identity and access management (CIAM) are more important than ever. But a business’ CIAM has to fit with the rest of its environment: it has to look, feel, and work like any business’ core services. Our SDK will allow businesses to create their own customizable MFA authenticator experience complete with corporate logo and branding that can blend seamlessly into other existing applications. This makes the authentication experience just as simple, intuitive, and accessible as the enterprise solution.

We will be sharing more on this later. But if you want a preview of what the SDK can do, then download the SecurID app.

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