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The Team, Technology and Culture: Why Jim Taylor Joined SecurID

  • by Ben Lebeaux

Image of lightbulb and team working at a conference table

In September, SecurID appointed Jim Taylor as Chief Product Officer. With more than two decades of experience in identity product strategy, cloud security, SaaS and enterprise software development, Jim leads the SecurID product management, product engineering and cloud operations teams. He shared the following comments on his new role:

Ben Lebeaux: What’s it like being the new guy?

Jim Taylor: Being the new guy is great: you get a chance to meet with and talk to everyone. I’ve already learned a lot. You also have a chance to ask really reaching questions and get a sense of what people do today, what we should do tomorrow and how we can get there.

Ben Lebeaux: Speaking of reaching questions: why did you join SecurID?

Jim Taylor: At the risk of sounding a little corny or cheesy, I joined SecurID to focus on my passion and do the work that I am best at. I think everyone reaches a point in their careers where they realize they have moved away from the core set of things that drew them to that career in the first place. For me it was, as I progressed, I ended up in more and more senior roles more focused on the business than the actual problem or the technology, and I found myself looking at more and more spreadsheets and contracts and less and less technology.

SecurID has given me the opportunity to follow my passions, which are technology and people. I said it in our press release, but it bears reiterating: today everyone is an identity user, so we all have a stake in identity.

Ben Lebeaux: What do you mean by a ‘stake in identity?’ What do you think users want?

Jim Taylor: I joined SecurID because, by working here, I’ll be able to prioritize my passion for tech and people and deliver on that vision of true user-centric identity, authentication and access that works for everyone. This year we’ve already announced new solutions and innovations do just that—and we have much more in store.

Ben Lebeaux: How will customer feedback play a role in product development at SecurID?

Jim Taylor: Customer feedback is absolutely essential. Part of my role is serving as an evangelist—I want to cheerlead for SecurID. But an even bigger part is actively listening to our customers and delivering the capabilities and experiences they need. I want to know what’s working, what isn’t and what more we can do.

Ben Lebeaux: What else about the role appeals to you?

Jim Taylor: Now that SecurID is operating independently, we’re able to create the team, culture, tech stack and processes we want. SecurID has been an identity leader for decades—it’s why we’re the trusted identity platform for 13,000 of the world’s most security-sensitive organizations, including banks, governments and hospitals—but now we have the chance to re-establish our own identity. Being able to contribute to that work is both exciting and rewarding.