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Three Essential Qualities of Modern Identity Management Solutions

  • by Murtaza Hafizji

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In this unprecedented time of digital transformation, managing identities and access presents more complexity and challenge than ever. But it also presents compelling opportunities – to pursue new digital goals, operate more nimbly, and make connecting easier and more satisfying for users in both the workplace and the marketplace.

The key to realizing opportunities and addressing the growing field of challenges resulting from digital transformation is in identity and access management solutions that are designed to be empowering, flexible and convenient. This is the time to seek out solutions that:

1. Empower Leaders to Dream Bigger and Do More

Whatever digital initiatives today’s leaders pursue, they must be able to do so securely – without having to think twice about the reliability or robustness of the technology. Moving more operations to the cloud, mobilizing the workforce beyond traditional perimeters, maintaining a strong third-party ecosystem: these and other ambitious goals demand an identity solution that can scale easily to secure identities and assets from ground to cloud, whatever the circumstance. Identity security in this context is first and foremost an enabler of change, rather than an impediment to it.

2. Enable a Flexible Approach to Meet Different Business Needs

RSA has been saying for years that, when it comes to identity, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s never been truer than right now, when every organization is facing a different set of specific challenges. The right identity solution therefore has to be exactly that: right for a given organization in every way, based on the opportunities it is pursuing and the people it is empowering in the process. To meet that demand, an identity solution must be easy to configure with customized policies and capabilities that address who is using it and for what, and the level of risk that combination poses.

3. Ensure a Convenient Experience for Everyone

It’s no exaggeration to say that the people who need to connect securely to an organization’s resources are everywhere today. They may be part of a workforce that is as likely to be connecting from home as coming into the office. Or they may be part of a customer base that takes for granted the ability to instantly access products and services, regardless of where they’re working or what device they’re using. Whatever the circumstances, organizations will benefit from delivering an access experience that is exceptionally convenient – but also uncompromisingly secure.

RSA SecurID Suite is built specifically to deliver on these three key attributes of a modern identity solution: empowering, flexible and convenient. RSA SecurID Access provides organizations with a range of authentication methods – including push notifications, biometrics, and one-time password (OTP) for iOS, Android, and MS Windows, all adaptable to the needs of employees or customers. RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle speeds and simplifies the work of administering access to resources, with configurable policies, rules and workflows and other tools to ensure the right people have access to the right tools at the right time.

To learn more about how these capabilities can help your organization at a time of unprecedented change, contact RSA today.