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Securing the Digital World

Why SecurID is the Trusted Identity Platform

  • by Ted Kamionek

RSA blog post

It’s an understatement to say that the first few months of the pandemic were hectic and unlike any other recent point in time. It felt like the world turned upside down. At home, at work: nearly nothing was the same.

For businesses, one of the first priorities was rushing to change their Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategies overnight and enable employees to securely work from home. Banks. Governments. Hospitals. You name it.

At first the lockdowns, masks and Zoom meetings were novel, but they quickly grew old. Our customers realized this was a permanent shift in their thinking about their IAM strategies. Everyone needed secure access to all resources from anywhere and anytime.

Here at SecurID, we helped hospitals deliver medicine, governments get back to work and financial institutions keep the markets moving. We also helped small law firms, consulting agencies and resellers keep moving.

Suffice it to say, that was a big change for many organizations. Now, more than a year later, organizations have a little more breathing room to plan their next moves and long-term solutions. We’re working with both large and small organizations to sort through their needs. And while every business is different, we’ve learned that no matter where a business is today in terms of remote access, by making strategic, business-driven investments now, you can recoup a larger ROI tomorrow.

The new requirements for doing business are clear: modern, cloud-based, passwordless solutions that support a hybrid environment of born-in-the-cloud apps as well as legacy on-premise apps. Most importantly of all, those new requirements must drive customer success.

That’s why we’re sharing our new brand and logo, and why I’m so excited for this new website. They all express why 13,000 organizations trust us to manage 50 million identities and secure access for 30 million users.

SecurID is the trusted identity platform because we: 

Focus on Customer Needs

We make access usable and secure. By providing passwordless as well as a range of modern and flexible authentication approaches, SecurID works however work gets done. Our technology also prioritizes security risks by advancing zero trust identity security to protect your team, data, and resources.

Focus on the Cloud

To deploy enterprise-grade cloud resources at scale, businesses need to secure their SaaS apps in the cloud and on premise as well as control for total cost of ownership. SecurID extends your SaaS investments: if protects cloud, hybrid, and on-prem resources.

Focus on Customer Success

IAM is a journey. And every business’ journey looks different: businesses need a solution that protects whatever needs safeguarding, however your users work.

Our team understands this: we’re privileged to work with everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500s. We learn more and drive greater value by tailoring our services to every business. Likewise, our modern, cloud-based customer success program provides us with real-time feedback, allowing us to share best practices and strengthen our identity capabilities.

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