ORBIT s.r.o.

Partner type: Reseller (Platinum)
Product focus: RSA SecurID Suite
Nad Akaty 1595/7
Praha, 14800

ORBIT operates on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and is continuing to expand its philosophy of centralisation of IT resources and their delivery conforming to the modern strategy of cloud services. We offer not only excellent services and technology, but mainly their effective usage. Our solutions are used by clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. We concentrate on IT solution of centralisation, consolidation and delivery and security of applications and desktops in the environment of large, international corporations. Our typical client serves thousands of customers in the services segment – these include banks, insurance companies and power companies operating across the whole region. We understand IT on a wider scale that just a set of technologies. Information technologies are a means for our clients for increasing their ability to compete, a means which facilitates effect growth of their business and tangible cutting of costs. ORBIT’s centre of operations is in the Czech Republic where the core of our commercial and technical team operates. Here our team develops its own software products which complete the comprehensive solution offered to our clients. These products grew out of our extensive experience with designing and operation of IT in large corporations.