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Secure your cloud-based applications, systems and users

per user per month


  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Attribute and role-based access controls
  • Single Sign-On & Web Portal
  • 100+ certified integrations, plus thousands more via open standards
  • High availability, always-on protection
  • Customer success and support – online community access, 9x5 support

Cloud Plus

Manage increasing user access and usage with customized controls

per user per month

Everything in the Cloud plan, and more:

  • All Cloud plan features
  • Conditional rule-based, adaptive access controls
  • Protection for hybrid data center, on-premises servers, laptops, and client-based applications
  • 500+ certified integrations, plus thousands more via open standards
  • Customized SSO portal branding
  • REST-based API integration
  • On-premise environment management available*
  • Customer success and support – regular reviews and 24x7 support
  • Digital Customer Success Manager

Cloud Premier

Protect rapidly-evolving access with dynamic, adaptive policies

per user per month

Everything in the Cloud Plus plan, and more:

  • All Cloud Plus plan features
  • Dynamic risk-based authentication and access controls
  • Protection for on-premises web applications
  • On-premises environment management included
  • On-premises authentication failover
  • Customer success and support – in-depth business reviews and 24x7 support
  • Named Customer Success Manager

*Available as an additional option

Identity governance

Identity governance

To simplify identity governance and access provisioning, SecurID Governance & Lifecycle offers a full-featured, high-performing solution from the cloud. Learn more.

Managing only on premises?

Managing only on premises?

With a long history in identity and access management, SecurID offers complete protection and support for the need for every organization. For a solution managed only on-premises, contact us for more information.

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Cloud Plus

Cloud Premier

Secure, Modern Multi-Factor Authentication
A complete range of authentication methods to gather additional information and factors to verify user identity      
Push Notification via the SecurID App and wearable devices checkmark checkmark checkmark
One-Time Passcode (OTP) delivered on-demand through the SecurID App, SMS, voice checkmark checkmark checkmark
Passwordless authentication via FIDO2 and device biometrics, such as Apple FaceID, Android biometrics and Windows Hello checkmark checkmark checkmark
Secure One-Time Passcodes using SecurID® hardware and software tokens* checkmark checkmark checkmark
Emergency Access checkmark checkmark checkmark
Customized authentication via Mobile SDK   Optional Optional
*Additional cost for each hardware token      
Adaptive Access
Dynamic, rule-based policies that delivers seamless and secure access of users based on contextual conditions, using controls for implementing access policies including:      
Static policies based on user role, attributes or group membership checkmark checkmark checkmark
Conditional policies based on dynamic elements including device, network and geographic location   checkmark checkmark
Risk-based policies that leverage machine learning, anomaly detection and real-time risk scoring to ensure identity confidence to minimize interrupting end users     checkmark
Single Sign-On (SSO)
A simple, single experience for users to access any applications, in the cloud or on premises, using a single credential and login.

Web-based SSO Portal
User access to applications via web-based portal Up to 10 apps Unlimited Unlimited
Self-service capabilities for users to enroll and manage their applications and authenticators checkmark checkmark checkmark
Customize web portal and login with company logo and color   checkmark checkmark
Customizable URL and webpage text   Coming soon Coming soon

Integrations and Standards:
Custom Integrations via REST-based API   checkmark checkmark
Integrations supported      
Federation (SAML 2.0) checkmark checkmark checkmark
RADIUS   checkmark checkmark
Native agent   checkmark checkmark
Web proxy (Trusted Headers, NTLM, password vaulting)     checkmark
Integrations with cloud-based and on-premises directories, including Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAPv3 checkmark checkmark checkmark
Deployment and Integrations
A unified platform that offers always-on, highly available protection, security and proven technology integrations.      
SaaS and web-based applications checkmark checkmark checkmark
Advanced integrations for on-premises web applications (header-based, IWA/Kerberos, NTLM, password vaulting)     checkmark
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Web-based checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Client-based   checkmark checkmark
Desktop, laptop logon (online, offline)   Windows, macOS Windows, macOS
Local and remote server access (Windows/Linux, RDP, SSH)   checkmark checkmark
Support for hybrid data centers (on-prem, AWS, Azure, GCP)   checkmark checkmark
IT infrastructure and client-based applications (RADIUS)   checkmark checkmark
Custom application integration (REST API)   checkmark checkmark
FedRAMP Authorized with SecurID® Federal   Optional Optional
Certified Integrations through RSA Ready: Rigorous testing, documentation and support ensures out-of-the-box interoperability checkmark checkmark checkmark
Support for thousands of standards-based application integrations checkmark checkmark checkmark

For hybrid on-premises deployment
On-premises deployment available for securing mission critical applications, network and servers using SecurID® Authentication Manager, supporting      
Local, on-premises management of select privileged users and their authenticators   Optional checkmark
On-premises authentication failover to ensure business continuity, if cloud services are unavailable   Optional checkmark
MFA protection for legacy on-premises infrastructure   Optional checkmark
Customer Success and Technical Support
Identity experts with years of experience that provide guidance on your IAM strategy that delivers successful operational and technical outcomes for your business.      

Customer Success Services
Customer Success Manager (CSM)   Digital CSM Named CSM
Business Review Meeting   Annual Quarterly
Success Meeting   Semi-annual Monthly

Service Availability
Availability SLA 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%

Technical Support
Email checkmark checkmark checkmark
Chat checkmark checkmark checkmark
Phone   checkmark checkmark
Availability 9x5 24x7 24x7
Initial Response Time - Critical Issues 2 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Designated Support Engineer Optional Optional Optional

Access to SecurID online community via RSA Link checkmark checkmark checkmark
Training videos checkmark checkmark checkmark
Getting started webinar checkmark checkmark checkmark
Discount on SecurID training   10% 15%
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