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11 Nov 2021

SecurID is a sponsor at this year’s  AiSP SME Conference which is organised by the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP). The event brings together organisations to discuss the importance of being cyber aware and stay protected. 

3-4 Nov 2021
Vienna, Austria

Insights for experts, the annual meetup of the Austrian IT security scene. In addition to pitches, plenary presentations, case studies and live demos, you can expect numerous interactive sessions. Experts on the user and provider side offer you comprehensive information on important trends, current projects and new technologies. Find out how other companies master challenges that you are currently facing. Are you looking forward to a lively exchange within Austria's IT security community. Exchange ideas, get to know each other and become part of Austria's largest IT security community.

Join Craig Dore, Asia-Pacific Lead for IAM Strategy at RSA SecurID® for a quick and dirty overview and demonstration of the top-most requirements most customers should demand of their vendors in IAM.
Craig will focus on three major aspects:

  • How you could modernize your entire workforce overnight
  • Resiliency of service in the face of an outage or service disruption
  • Branding the experience for your users or even your customers

Speaker: Craig Dore, APJ IAM Specialist

27-28 Oct 2021
Singapore & Virtual

SecurID  is a sponsor of this hybrid event that will host 150-200 C-level tech leaders in attendance, including more than 50 C-level tech leaders participating in person from Singapore, those from the region will participate via Zoom.

17-21 Oct 2021
Dubai, UAE

GITEX is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest and most influential tech show in the Middle East. This year, the shows takes place right after opening the Expo 2020 in Dubai, bringing companies and customers from all over the world: 4,500+ exhibitors, 100,000+ visitors, 750+ startups, 140+ countries, largest government representation of any event in the world, 26,000+ pre-arranged meetings, 400+ most active investors.

3:30 PM (BST)
15 Oct 2021
London, UK
5-7 Oct 2021
Singapore & Virtual

This is an RSA Security event sponsorship with SecurID and NetWitness collaborating to showcase our cybersecurity solutions. This year’s event with the support of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and community partners across the regions features the theme "Living with COVID-19 - Reimagining Digital Security Risks and Opportunities.

5 Oct 2021

New Inspiring Bank: Responsible, Resilient e Innovative. The only meeting hub, physical and digital, on the development of financial sector strategies and technologies One of the focus of this year conference will be Cybersec & Digital Identity: what has changed in IT risks following the impacts of the pandemic and what risk analysis is based on today.

1:00 PM (GMT+1)
30 Sept 2021
60 min
Upcoming Webinar

Biometrics, Push notifications and software OTPs have advantages: easy to use and easy to roll-out. Sometimes however Hardware is needed. In this session we explore why hardware tokens might be needed, the types of Hardware authenticators that are available and how to manage them from the SecurID Cloud Authentication Service.

13-16 Sept 2021
Munich, Germany & Virtual

The European Identity & Cloud Conference returns fully digitalized, reacting to the global pandemic. We have collected a lot of experience in virtual conferencing throughout 2020 to be able to offer you a safe and hygienic event experience – on-site, virtual, and hybrid. Four days with over 250 sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities like no other. All on-site sessions will be recorded and streamed live online. All conference days will be a great combination of the on-site and virtual event.

Join Dicker DataWISE Law Cyber Consulting and SecurID on September 8 at 11 AM to discuss #cybersecurity best practices, #ZeroTrust, consumer and privacy law, and much more.

Le invitamos a conocer de manera más en detalle nuestra solución SecurID Governance & Lifecycle (G&L), a través de este Webinar para todos los partners de Latinoamérica. En este webinar técnico, presentaremos como SecurID GL ayuda empresas en necesidades ejecutivas relacionadas a Gobernanza y Gestión de Identidades, Visibilidad, Real-Time Monitoring y Automación

Securing and protecting identities grows increasingly challenging in today’s environment of complex, interconnected systems and ever-tightening regulations. In this webinar, SecurID Field CTO Chris Williams, and Corporate Pen-tester and Expert Security Researcher Hector Monsegur with Alacrinet will discuss how to get control of who has access to what, and why—with a ubiquitous, secure-by-design and private-by-design approach that provides the strong IGA capabilities that are fundamental to fully understanding your identity and access environment.

Join this webinar to learn how SecurID can help you make the move away from passwords-for-everything and toward a more secure, passwordless future.

You’ll hear about:

  • Passwordless methods like FIDO-based authentication that are growing in popularity
  • SecurID passwordless capabilities for web/SaaS and Windows environments
  • Environments ranging from Windows to the web and SaaS-based environments as well as Windows logins

A joint webinar with MDI to introduce SecurID as the Trusted Identity Platform. Session will include how SecurID enables organisations to modernise their authentication methods and will touch on MFA use cases.

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For many organizations, the emergence of the global health crisis in early 2020 drove an immediate and unprecedented shift to a fully remote workforce model. Though the dust of those efforts has settled, organizations now face the unique security challenges of conducting business remotely – including protecting access, assuring identities, and managing third-party vendors.

This presentation is a timely and relevant discussion on Managing Your Dynamic Workforce by Charles Lim, Director of SecurID Business in APAC and will cover:

  • How to identify, assess, and mitigate your digital risk 
  • Extending MFA capabilities and use cases
  • Access governance
  • SecurID vision in helping customers on their identity and access management (IAM) journey 

The Trusted Identity Platform - all the capabilities you need in a single solution.

SecurID has everything you need to address today’s unprecedented challenges in authentication, access management and identity governance—without compromising security, ease or convenience.

Trusted Identity Platform: todas las capacidades que necesita en una única solución.

SecurID tiene todo lo que necesita para abordar los desafíos sin precedentes de la actualidad en materia de autenticación, administración de acceso y control de identidad, sin comprometer la seguridad, la facilidad o la conveniencia.

Trusted Identity Platform - todos os recursos de que você precisa em uma única solução

O SecurID tem tudo que você precisa para enfrentar os desafios sem precedentes de autenticação, gerenciamento de acesso e governança de identidade - sem comprometer a segurança, facilidade ou conveniência.

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts Sam Curry CSO at Cybereason and Hector Monsegur Corporate Pen-tester and Expert Security Reseacher with rThreat examine the continuum that runs from Zero Trust to complete trust, and the changing implication tradeoffs in risk and business terms throughout. For practical reasons, the Zero Trust ideal of “never trust, always verify” has evolved into something more nuanced, dynamic – and achievable. You’ll learn how incremental steps toward Zero Trust can pave a more realistic path, one that for now moves us to the least trust needed to align what the business needs and what keeps it secure. Perfection is the enemy of the good.

In this virtual webinar, security experts Sam Curry, CSO of Cybereason and Jim Ducharme, COO of the RSA Anti-Fraud Business examine Identity as the control plane for security. Today, data resides across a complex range of vendors and platforms. You’ll learn how Identity empowers users with convenient access across these environments – and evaluates risk and business context to assure that users are who they say they are.

The current business environment may have accelerated your digital transformation initiatives or altered your approach to remote workers. With these changes come additional challenges and risks. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to address both from an identity and access management perspective, and how new capabilities in RSA SecurID Access (including RSA Authentication Manager 8.5) can help you succeed in today’s environment.

Specifically, the presentation will cover:

  • How to broaden protection while ensuring user productivity for all users and applications, with a focus on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and FIDO authentication
  • How to move to the cloud more efficiently, even if you have legacy applications and infrastructure
  • How a hybrid approach can simplify upgrades and help you get more value out of your investment

As identity-based attacks continue to grow, some organizations have started to consider a future without passwords to support the diverse requirements of a global, dynamic workforce. In this webinar, you will hear how VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, has started on a journey to go passwordless, their lessons learned and benefits achieved. Read the blog.

Many organizations today are trying to maintain business operations amid unprecedented disruption by either expanding their remote workforces or implementing work from home policies for the first time. The scale of these efforts combined with the dynamic workforce risks they create require special preparation and careful planning. 

Business disruptions abound these days, affecting governments, countries, organizations, communities and individuals. From cyberattacks to natural disasters to outbreaks of illness, these disruptions spotlight critical risks we should all think about. Join this webinar to hear from RSA experts on managing business resiliency risk, risks of using third parties, and dynamic workforce risks and how to provide continuity in uncertain times.

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