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Identity, The Bedrock for All Security

Strong, user-centric Identity is a vital component of a security strategy. But as users access data and applications increasingly from outside the traditional perimeter, getting Identity “right” becomes the basis for making your organization more secure – and more resilient.

In this virtual webinar, security experts Sam Curry, CSO of Cybereason and Jim Ducharme, COO of the RSA Anti-Fraud Business examine Identity as the control plane for security. Today, data resides across a complex range of vendors and platforms. You’ll learn how Identity empowers users with convenient access across these environments – and evaluates risk and business context to assure that users are who they say they are.

Discussion Includes:

  • Why Identity is the ideal control plane for connecting users and data securely, cloud to ground
  • Using Identity to defend against attacks – as well as to recover after a disaster
  • The path to empowering users and enabling business
  • Leveraging Identity data as a privilege, not a right