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The Rise of Zero Trust in the Digital Era

This year, organisations are facing not only the proliferation of cloud computing and the Internet of Things but also the need to manage hybrid (remote and physical) working environments. The perimeter-less world we work in is proving challenging for many organisations to effectively manage risks with the rise of sophisticated threats. The zero trust concept and the security architecture of the past needs a different mindset in current times.

We need an approach that understands the intersection between security & risk – one that protects the access, resources and able to understand the potential gaps and risks to protect what matters most to organisations.

Join Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Officer of RSA, on what makes an effective zero trust approach that could help reduce an organisation’s risk exposure in today’s perimeter-less world. Dr Zulfikar will share some observations and considerations on adopting Zero Trust – what organisations should and shouldn’t do.