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SecurID ® Products

Identity and Access Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

SecurID Access protects SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods—including mobile push to approve and biometrics—and dynamic, risk-driven access policies.

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Single Sign-on

With SecurID SSO, users can sign on once for access to multiple resources—maximizing convenience while also minimizing points of vulnerability.

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Passwordless Authentication

SecurID passwordless options improve security by eliminating credentials-based attacks and increase convenience by making it easier to authenticate.

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Identity Governance & Lifecycle

Identity Governance and Lifecycle simplifies access governance, streamlines access requests and fulfillment, and provides a unified view of access across all of your systems and applications.

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Risk-Based Authentication

With SecurID risk-based authentication, you can assess access requests based on risk posed, stepping up authentication only when the risk warrants it.

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One-Time Password Authentication

SecurID multi-factor authentication provides a wide range of one-time password (OTP) authentication methods, along with passwordless options.

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