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Customer Authentication

Secure customer interactions made simple

Interacting digitally has become the rule rather than the exception—and not just at the enterprise level, but in every aspect of everyday life. A simple, secure digital experience that’s easy for customers to consume and easy for your organization to deliver is best for everyone. And it all starts with secure, convenient authentication.

Customer Authentication

How SecurID Helps

A fast path to customer authentication

With the SecurID mobile SDK, your security team can quickly build an identity solution for customers that will both engage them and earn their trust. They’ll enjoy having a customized omnichannel experience across devices, along with the security that comes with robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) and risk-based authentication capabilities.

A fast path to customer authentication
Consistent customer experiences across interactions

Consistent customer experiences across interactions

The SDK empowers you to easily embed SecurID strong authentication capabilities directly into your organization’s native mobile app, or quickly build a new branded mobile authentication app for customers. Either way, your customers will enjoy the same cohesive login and authentication experience wherever and whenever they interact with your brand.

The same technology that built the SecurID App

We used the mobile SDK ourselves to build the newest iteration of the SecurID App that organizations worldwide depend on for internal authentication. And we’re pleased to make it available now to those that want to offer their customers the same convenient, secure and consistent authentication experience their own users already enjoy.


Authenticate with the SecurID app

The SecurID app helps you quickly and easily access your organization’s protected resources. Try it today and start authenticating users with one simple, intuitive interface experience they will trust.

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