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Passwordless Authentication

Keep resources secure and accessible

At a time when the ability to authenticate in a way that’s both secure and convenient is becoming increasingly important, most organizations are still relying on passwords—which, unfortunately, are neither. It’s time to move toward a passwordless future.

Passwordless Authentication

How SecurID Helps

Minimal disruption

Use SecurID passwordless authentication options to introduce passwordless authentication gradually, rather than suddenly eliminating the password-centric approach you have in place. You can even initially use passwordless methods in conjunction with passwords, and reduce reliance on the latter over time.

Strong authentication

As you begin the transition to passwordless security, use SecurID strong authentication—including biometrics and FIDO-based solutions—to prioritize protecting points in the identity lifecycle that are especially vulnerable to credential-based attacks. (Enrollment and password resets are classic examples.)

Proven reliability

SecurID is the identity platform that supports passwordless authentication with 99.99% availability, including a no-fail capability that enables authentication without a network connection. This allows users to authenticate even if connectivity is interrupted, or if they’re working from a place without internet service.

Proven reliability

See How It Works

Embark on an interactive exploration of SecurID, and experience for yourself how secure and convenient access can be.

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