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Convenient Access to Any Platform

Security plus convenience, no compromise needed

When users need to connect with data and applications across a multitude of platforms, SecurID delivers the don’t-think-twice-about-it secure access that makes everything effortless for them and worry-free for your IT security team.

How SecurID Helps

Convenient, secure access

SecurID provides a broad array of flexible authentication options for access, and combines them with dynamic, risk-driven access policies—empowering users to access all the data and applications they need quickly, easily and securely.

To any platform, from any platform

To any platform, from any platform

From third-party sales enablement and productivity tools in the cloud to VPN-secured corporate information and resources, everything is convenient to access with SecurID authentication. And it’s all accessible from any device platform or location, even when internet connectivity is unavailable.

100% support for zero trust

As the number of applications and platforms someone wants to access grows, being able to trust in their identity becomes more and more important—and more and more challenging. SecurID helps meet the challenge by providing the capabilities you need to pursue a zero trust strategy and architecture.

100% support for zero trust

Passwordless access with SecurID and FIDO2

Logging into Windows is easier than ever, with passwordless authentication. Watch this video to see how SecurID multi-factor authentication and a FIDO2 authenticator work together to enable logging in with just a token and a touch.

See How It Works

Embark on an interactive exploration of SecurID, and experience for yourself how secure and convenient access can be.

Experience SecurID