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Enable Customer Identity Management

Build security and privacy into a seamless customer experience

Customers interact digitally at just about every point in their lives today—from ordering food and watching movies, to managing their money and even getting medical care. More points of interaction demand more robust authentication to ensure security and protect privacy. But it doesn’t have to come at the expense of a great customer experience.

Customer Authentication

How SecurID Helps

Enterprise-level authentication—now for customers

Using SecurID for customer authentication means your customers can enjoy the same secure, convenient experience enterprises around the world already deliver internally. With our mobile SDK, it’s quick and easy for you to create a consistent experience that incorporates your brand across channels, whether embedding SecurID authentication into your existing app or using it to create a new branded authentication app.

A fast path to customer authentication
A range of multi-factor authentication choices

A range of multi-factor authentication choices

The more authentication choices you make available to customers, the more convenient you make it for them to adopt strong multi-factor authentication for their interactions with you. SecurID offers a range of strong authentication methods including push-to-approve, one-time passcodes and passwordless options like biometrics and FIDO-based authentication.

Risk-based authentication to minimize intervention

SecurID risk-based authentication improves security by stepping up security with additional authentication—but only when the risk warrants, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Risk is calculated using advanced machine learning with AI, based on policies your team defines, to keep intervention at a level you and your customers are comfortable with.

Risk-based authentication to minimize intervention

See How It Works

Embark on an interactive exploration of SecurID, and experience for yourself how secure and convenient access can be.

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