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IAM and the Hybrid Workforce

Goodbye, old perimeter—hello, modern IAM

The new reality of a hybrid workforce accessing resources from anywhere and any device means it’s time for a new approach to identity and access management. Build your strategy for minimizing risk on the principle of least privilege—i.e., providing each user with the exact privileges needed to get the job done.

Hybrid Workforce

How SecurID Helps

Best practices for granting access

When people are connecting to resources from many locations through multiple access points, applying the principle of least privilege becomes more important than ever to maintain secure access. SecurID capabilities can help as you institute best practices for granting privileges to new accounts and conducting privilege audits of existing accounts.

Best practices for granting access
More ways to authenticate

MFA for secure, convenient access

SecurID MFA provides a full complement of modern authentication methods to deliver secure access to data, applications and resources, including resources in the cloud. These methods include passwordless options that are both convenient (no passwords to remember) and secure (no passwords to steal).

A focus on governance

Given the complex, constantly changing nature of the workforce today, knowing who has access to what at any given point is more critical than ever—which makes identity governance more important than ever. SecurID provides a centralized platform for authentication and credential management, with support for dynamic application access control.

A focus on governance

See How It Works

Embark on an interactive exploration of SecurID, and experience for yourself how secure and convenient access can be.

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