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Security starts with identity.

Identity is the most consequential threat vector in cybersecurity. That’s why RSA is pivoting to focus solely on identity and providing the identity-first solutions that security-first leaders need to thrive in a digital world. Read our news announcement to learn more, or visit

Read our news announcement

The Trusted Identity Platform

All the capabilities you need in a single solution

SecurID has everything you need to address today’s unprecedented challenges in authentication, access management and identity governance—without compromising security, ease or convenience.

SecurID Platform

Now more than ever: SecurID

The cloud is calling. The perimeter is vanishing. The workforce is evolving. Stay ahead of all this and more with SecurID, the identity platform that empowers you with capabilities for everything from authentication to governance.

Companywide standardization on SecurID has … generated additional business value through reduced operational costs, an improved employee experience, faster time to market and a diminished risk profile. The results have been significant.

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