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Securing the Digital World
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How Identity Trends Will Define Cybersecurity in 2022

What will cybersecurity look like in 2022? Lots of things: A zero-trust state of mind taking hold among business-to-business and consumer organizations alike. A growing digital world, and people who are growing tired of jumping through hoops to engage with it. An increasingly bold population of cybercriminals targeting hard-to-secure unstructured data. Identity will be the […]

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The Language of Cybersecurity
zero trust architecture

What is zero trust?

First coined by Forrester in 2010, the term ‘zero trust’ refers to a new approach to security that relies on continuously verifying the trustworthiness of every device, user and application in an enterprise. Prior to this notion of zero trust, most security teams relied on a “trust but verify” approach that emphasized a strong defensive […]

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